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Coir & Latex Mattress - The Walnut

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Coir & Latex Mattress Medium Firm SupportCoir & Latex Mattress Medium Firm SupportCoir & Latex Mattress - The Walnut
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Price Starting at: £549.00

About The Mattress

This  is one of the best and most supportive mattress in the NATURA Collection, 100% Natural fillings consists of layers of Natural  Coirtex, encased in a generous sumptuous layer of British Cotton enfussed with British Lamb’s Wool Then finally, superbly upholstered in 100% British Cotton.



NO Chemicals - NO Toxins - No Fancy Foams

We are the only bedding company to use water based products to fix the componants together, no harmful chemicals or toxins are used in any of these products.

The Height of the mattress is 23cm which is 9 inches, this will never "soften" "thin out" or reduce in height these mattress are made to last and give lasting comfort for many years.

The Fillings inside this mattress as you would expect are picked for their lasting comfort and durablity, we have tested the fillings and we have found that the specification that we use will last many years afte the 15 Year Guarantee that we proudly attach to the NATURA mattress collection.

Coirtex® is a product that we have designed using NATURA-L coconut husk and pure virgin latex sap the recipe for the correct amounts has been treid and tested to make sure this core of the mattress withstands many years of comfort and durability. Britsh Cotton & Lambswool (from North Yorkshire) are added just under the 100% Cotton covers which gives you a soft to the touch comfort layer like you would expect with a mattress of this quality.

After you have made an investment into your sleep quality keeping the mattress in Tip-Top condition is very improtant following a few important sugestions will make sure the mattress gives the best possible comfort for many years to come. A care & Warranty pack will be sent with your purchase.






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