Natura World Story 
 Mr Ralph Rossdeutscher, President, Natura World Inc
Natura World was founded by father and son team, Harry and Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura World was created out of a desire to solve the mystery behind having a healthier, more abundant lifestyle as research led to the discovery of just how much a quality night’s sleep contributed to a productive daily life style. Natura World's founders searched for a solution that would help people sleep well in order to live better.
As a result in 1994, Natura world Inc was born.
Rossdeutscher and son found that, while many mattresses on the market looked plush and luxurious and even felt comfortable when tested in the store, these mattresses failed to address the more serious long term issues such as continual back pain, restless sleep, and waking up groggy and tired. They discovered that consumers were in need of healthy sleep in order to respond to the demands of the day. The Rossdeutscher team set out to create a total sleep solution with benefits that were more than just “skin deep”
Researching how the body moves and body activity during sleep, they created a bed that was designed to work with the body, not against it. Their classic IV bed with its patented double slat technology was an immediate success. The bed was received enthusiastically by consumers and was both endorsed and recommended by the Canadian physiotherapy association. This started the ball rolling towards the creation of a luxurious, healthy line of natural bedding, as well as the manufacturing of numerous innovative sleep enhancing products to help people wake up to a better day.
Since 2007 Bedz 4 Zzzz  have shared the same green dream as Natura World. Embanking on their own ‘green’ mattress collection. After Launching the range, a customer approached Bedz 4 Zzzz and asked if they had been given the “stamp” of approval from Soil Association, although Bedz 4 Zzzz mattress fillings were Natural & Green, Soil Association would not certify the products. This then led Bedz 4 Zzzz to Natura World!
In 2009, after working side by side with Bedz 4 Zzzz Director Stephen Faint taking regular trips to Canada. It was agreed that Bedz 4 Zzzz would be the only UK licensed manufacture of Natura Worlds Products.
“I am extremely enthusiastic about our joint venture with Natura World” says Stephen Faint.
Natura World's products are now Soil Association certified, Ralph Rossdeutscher President and founder of Natura World Inc says
“We’re very excited to be partnering with Bedz 4 Zzzz, delivering Natural and Organic sleep solutions to the UK market Bedz 4  Zzzz shares the same business philosophy as Natura, and we’re proud to be approved by the British Soil Association through Bedz 4 Zzzz. We’re looking forward to a bright, organic future of healthy sleep for all.”
Curious what makes an organic mattress different from a natural or synthetic one and why you should care? Learn how organic materials can deliver healthy sleep each and every night. click here to watch our you-tube video