The County Mattress Collection

The County Mattress Collection

The Bedz 4 Zzzz Collection

The Bedz 4 Zzzz range uses 'Super Duro' Bonnell springs for a firm feel and long-life durability. Most models have side-stitched borders and flag stitched handles. We have developed this range over many years of listening to customers' ever changing requirements. All our mattresses are hand finished then packaged in recylable Plastic for a speedy delivery or collection.

The County Collection

We have always been proud of our roots and even thou the Company has progressed and grown in to the fantastic company we all know we will never forget were it all started.

The County collection is a true celebration of the magnificent skill and craftsmanship that goes into making this range.

The Essex, Kent and Surrey are all real value for money but under know circumstances do we compromise on materials or construction. We feel The County Collection really shows off the manufacturing knowledge that southern England has to offer.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Results

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Results

Monthly Specials For January
Organic Cot Set – 4 pieceOrganic Cot Set – 4 piece
Organic Crib Set – 4 piece   Create an organic haven for your miracle of nature with the 4 piece Organic Cott Set. Your precious bundle ... more info
Price: £252.00£126.00Save: 50% off

Always Free Shipping
Organic BlanketOrganic Blanket
Organic Receiving Blanket   Swaddle, towel or snuggle your baby with the ultra-cozy Organic Receiving Blanket. Soothing and eco-friendly, this ... more info
Price: £54.00£27.00Save: 50% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Cot Bumper PadNatural Cot Bumper Pad
 Protect your baby’s sleep with the Natural Cott Bumper Pad. Hard crib edges hurt when bumped during sleep, but our mum-approved design ... more info
Price: £38.00£27.50Save: 28% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Cot ComforterNatural Cot Comforter
Your sweet miracle will sleep well when tucked in a Natural Cott Comforter. Our cosy Cry Less Wool™ is quilted into an unbleached, 100% cotton ... more info
Price: £56.00£42.00Save: 25% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Cot Set – 4 pieceNatural Cot Set – 4 piece
Your baby deserves the luxurious health and comfort offered by the 4 Piece All-Natural Classic Crib Set. This all-natural bedding collection ... more info
Price: £148.00£112.00Save: 24% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Crib SkirtNatural Crib Skirt
Add the finishing touch to any nursery with the Natural Crib Skirt. It lets you dress-up your baby’s crib with crisp, tailored pleats and ... more info
Price: £32.00£21.00Save: 34% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Receiving BlanketNatural Receiving Blanket
The Natural Receiving Blanket gently and softly wraps newborns and babies with all-natural cotton. Large enough for swaddling, while still ... more info
Price: £9.60£6.50Save: 32% off

Always Free Shipping
Natural Cot SheetNatural Cot Sheet
Setting your sleepy baby on the softness of the Natural Cott Sheet is like cuddling on a cloud. The Natural cott Sheet ... more info
Price: £32.00£22.00Save: 31% off

Always Free Shipping
Organic Cot Bumper PadOrganic Cot Bumper Pad
Protect your baby with the Organic Crib Bumper Pad and ensure a safe breathing environment while you do it. This unbleached, 100% organic, cotton ... more info
Price: £48.00£32.00Save: 33% off

Always Free Shipping